Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Jon sighed and raised the glass to his lips.  Tonight his beverage of choice was rum and Coke, a departure from his usual bottle of wine.  He slouched back against the cushioned seat of the curved banquette, his tired blue eyes scanning the crowd beyond the velvet rope that separated the celebrities from the groupies. 

Even though the hotel’s nightclub was dimly illuminated by colored lights pulsing from the dance floor, smoke-lensed sunglasses shielded Jon’s piercing blue eyes.  He wore the shades not to project the rock-star image, but to conceal his gaze.  They made it easier for him to watch people, to see who was watching him.

“Damn, I love Brazil,” Richie grinned from his seat beside the handsome singer.  Jon smirked amusedly as his wingman waved at the throng of exotic young women posing and preening beyond the rope.  His gesture caused a squeal of excitement and a flurry of activity.  “The women here are fucking wild.”

Jon chuckled, taking another swig of his drink.  Over the years he and the boys had thoroughly enjoyed the eager hospitality of a number of Brazilian females.  “Yeah, some things never change.  They just get younger.”

Richie snickered and clapped a big hand over Jon’s shoulder.  “Nah, Bro.  We just get older.  But somehow we still got it.”

Jon snorted, flashing a little half-smile at the groupies and inciting another squeal.  He was old enough to have fathered at least half of them.  Jon’s eyebrow lifted slightly at that thought.  He had often wondered how he had made it through those crazy early years without being slapped with at least one paternity suit. 

“You gonna partake?” Jon looked sideways at his friend.

Richie grinned impishly.  “Perhaps.  We’ll see how the night progresses.”

“Fucker.” Jon muttered.  He’d probably be hitting the hotel gym in the middle of the night while Richie was hitting twin twenty-five-year-old bikini models.  Such was his married life.

Richie chuckled and turned to talk to Hugh.  His lips pursing slightly, Jon boredly swirled his drink in its heavy glass, feeling the ice cubes clink against the sides.  His eyes wandered to the right of the velvet barricade, toward the small club’s dance floor.  It was packed with hard, tanned, scantily-clad bodies undulating to a sultry but energetic Latin beat. 

Jon watched the dancers for a few minutes, his eyes lingering appreciatively on several unfettered, bouncing bosoms.  Then he swept his gaze toward the nightclub’s entrance where a long line of eager would-be patrons tried to wheedle their way past the doormen.  Every few minutes a pair or trio of attractive young women would gain admittance to the party.  Somehow the young men stayed in the queue.

Jon smirked and took another drink, returning his gaze to the dance floor.  Pussy rules the world, he thought.

Suddenly he felt an elbow in his side and heard Richie’s voice in his ear.  “Holy fuck.  Take a look at that!”  Jon’s gaze automatically followed Richie’s nod toward the club’s entrance.  His eyes widened behind his dark lenses.

She was stunning.

She stood in the doorway for a moment, calmly taking in the scene.  She looked almost as if she was posing, so alluring was her stance.  Without a word or a smile or a motion she immediately commanded the attention of every heterosexual male in the room.

She was dressed to kill in a nearly-sheer black halter and skin-tight black leather pants.  Five-inch black platform stilettos embellished with pewter chains made her shapely legs look a mile long.  Thick, sleek hair the color of chocolate streaked with mahogany flowed over her tanned, bare shoulders.  Smoky grey shadow, jet-black liner and shimmery mascara dramatically framed her gleaming cobalt eyes.  Her full, scarlet lips glistened in the pulsing discotheque lights.

Jon felt his cock go stone hard. 

He continued to stare as she swiveled her head slowly toward the reserved section.  She cooly evaluated the cluster of women at the rope, then looked past them to the elevated tables where Jon and the band were gathered.  Her lips curved slightly in recognition as her gaze lingered on him for a brief moment.  Then she nonchalantly looked away, toward the dance floor.

Jon took another gulp from his glass, draining his drink.  Holy Fuck is right.  He stared boldly at the gorgeous brunette as she watched the dancers for a moment, then strolled toward the bar.  She was sleek and lithe in action, her hips rolling slightly in the practiced gait of a runway model. 

Jon’s gaze devoured her as she moved.  An expanse of tanned, taut belly flashed between the bottom of her halter and the low-slung waist of her painted-on pants.  A diamond stud twinkled at the dimple of her navel.  Jon groaned aloud as he spied the long strip of tanned skin displayed by the two-inch-wide slit, criss-crossed with black laces, that ran down her leather-sheathed leg from waist to ankle.  Her panties were conspicuously absent.

Jon watched as the brunette strutted across the room and slipped onto a seat near the end of the long glass-topped bar.  Immediately an attentive bartender set a drink in front of her.

Richie watched Jon’s reaction with a hearty chuckle.  He leaned over, grinning.  “Go on, Bro,” Richie prodded.  “She’s definitely your type.”

Still a little dazed, Jon swallowed hard then looked at Richie.  He smirked.  “Yeah, Man.  That she certainly is.” 


She had seen him the second she entered the room.  He was right where she expected him to be, in the exclusive corner of the club reserved for celebrities and moneyed guests.   She had played it cool, hadn’t purposely called attention to herself, though she looked fantastic.  She knew he was watching her.  She could feel his hungry eyes on her body.  And when she had finally looked his way she had clearly seen his reaction.

It was going exactly as she planned.  Now if he’d just take the bait.

It was a matter of mere minutes before she had her answer.  She felt him approach, then watched with her peripheral vision as he slid onto the seat next to hers.  With a self-satisfied little smirk she sipped at her drink.

“Of all the nightclubs in all the hotels in the world, you had to come strolling into mine.”  Jon’s voice was low and seductive, a coy tease.

She set her glass on the napkin and gave him a sideways glance.  He had removed his shades, and his intense blue eyes seemed to glow in the dim light.  “That’s the best line you have?” she responded coolly, raising a hand to trace a scarlet-tipped finger around the rim of her cocktail glass.

“No,” Jon chuckled huskily.  He shifted in his seat, turning his body toward the sexy brunette who was giving him the brush-off.  His attention fully focused on her, Jon hardly noticed as the bartender deposited a fresh drink at his elbow.  “You know who I am?”

She slowly blinked those long, shimmery lashes before glancing sideways at him again, regarding him for a longer moment this time.  Jon gave her his best panty-melting grin.  Her ruby lips curved slightly in response as again she raised her glass for a sip.

“I know who you are.” 

Her husky purr made Jon’s cock throb with want.  Thank God it was dark in here and he was wearing snug black denim; he was pretty sure his giant hard-on could be seen from orbiting satellites in better lighting conditions.

“You came here to see me.”

The brunette chuckled throatily at Jon’s egotistical declaration, but she didn’t answer or look at him.  She just smirked and took another sip of her cocktail.

Jon growled softly as he watched her swallow, his eyes following the slender column of her throat down to the swell of her breasts.  Now that he was close he could see that her shimmery halter top was semi-sheer, the dark, round shadows of her nipples plainly visible beneath the filmy fabric.  Another bolt of heat shot through his groin.

He let his eyes travel further, to the bare skin of her middle.  His mouth watered as the sparkle of the diamond stud in her navel beckoned to him.  He would love to suck a shot of premium liquor out of that perfect little dimple, then let his mouth travel further down that flat, toned abdomen to taste her.  He was certain her flavor would be sweeter than the most expensive spirits his money could buy.

And those pants.  Jon grimaced slightly as his cock surged again while his eyes slid down her leg, following the strip of exposed flesh.  Fuck, they were sexy.  He had seen a lot of hot women in tight leather over the years, but he had never seen anything quite like this.

She was spectacular. 

Jon reached forward to brush a finger over her forearm as he leaned in closer.  “You came here to fuck a rock star, didn’t you?”  His whiskeyed growl was seductive, a promise of naughty, dirty things.

Her eyes followed his hand as his touch raised goosebumps on her warm flesh.  She saw the band circling the fourth finger.  “You’re married,” she observed calmly.

“Are you?”

Again the brunette smiled coyly and gave him a sideways glance, those long, lush lashes fluttering slightly.  She flexed her left hand against the glass top of the bar, drawing his attention to the absence of jewelry.

Jon dipped his head to more closely inspect her long, crimson-tipped fingers.  “Ah.  You’re not wearing your ring tonight,” he observed smugly.  “But you usually do.  I can see the indentation on your finger.”  He straightened and smirked at her, waiting for her reply.

The brunette dropped her gaze to her lap as a secretive smile curled her lips.  She blinked slowly, then turned her head to look directly at her prey for the first time since his arrival at her side.  “Does it matter?”

“Does it matter to you?”  Jon’s ice-blue eyes met her cobalt gaze.  They stared at each other for a long moment before she smirked again.

“What makes you think I’d want to come all the way down to some boring hotel nightclub, just to fuck a rock star?”  Her voice was still even and sultry, but Jon detected a hint of amusement in her tone.  “There are plenty of handsome and willing men in this city.”

Jon grinned and leaned forward until his lips brushed her ear.  “Because, Baby, I can make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before.  Over.  And over.  And over.”

The brunette let out a throaty chuckle at his boastful prediction and again reached for her drink.  Jon pulled back and smirked silently as he watched her raise the glass to her lips.

Aware of Jon’s expectant gaze, she calmly set her glass on the bar and snapped open the tiny purse on her lap.  She took out a small round compact and a thin silver tube.  Flipping open the mirror and pulling the cap off the lipstick, the brunette carefully applied another layer of shimmering crimson to her full lips. 

Jon groaned softly again as he watched the slim stick of scarlet wax slide around the circumference of her mouth.  How beautifully erotic those lips would look encircling his cock, leaving their rosy stain along the length of his shaft as she sucked him.

The brunette snapped the mirror shut and dropped it back into her purse, then withdrew a thin gold plastic rectangle and placed it on the bar.  Jon grinned as he watched her scrawl four numbers across its surface in ruby lipstick.  Without a word she slid the keycard over to Jon’s hand, capped her lipstick, snapped closed her purse, and slipped off her chair.

Jon stared after her as she sashayed across the room and disappeared through the club’s entrance, back into the hotel.  Then with an eager growl he picked up the keycard and stood.  Downing his fresh drink in one long gulp, Jon turned for door.

Richie grinned as he watched Jon stride across the club, ignoring the starstruck fans squealing and grabbing at his body as he passed.  Jon’s bodyguard had to move quickly to keep up, trailing Jon out the door and into the hotel lobby.  He would be quickly dismissed once Jon bolted out of the elevator on the designated floor.

His friend was obviously in for one hell of a wild night.


Jon paused outside the door, the keycard in his hand.  He sucked in and blew out a deep breath, trying to slow his pounding pulse.  He knew there would be no calming the throbbing ache between his legs until his cock got what it wanted.  What he wanted.

What he craved was on the other side of this door.

Jon’s hand trembled slightly as he slipped the card into the slot and saw the green light flash.  He turned the knob and swung the heavy door inward, then froze. 

She was naked.

Except for the sexy black stilettos.

Jesus.” Jon’s jaw dropped. 

She was standing at the far end of the suite, her hands on her hips and her long, shiny hair cascading down over her breasts.  Her nude form was painted in light and shadow by the soft glow of the city lights, streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows behind her.  The diamond stud sparkled at her navel, drawing his eyes down her body to the apex of her thighs.  Jon gasped and almost dropped to his knees.

She was bare.  Not a tiny triangle, or a narrow strip, or even a single soft strand of hair to frame her womanhood.  She was fully, gloriously naked, her most intimate flesh exposed to his greedy stare.

Quickly recovering from his shock, Jon shoved the door shut behind him.  The keycard fell from his hand as he crossed the room in a few long strides, lunging for her.  He heard her sultry chuckle as his arm circled her waist and he yanked her hard against him, his other hand going to her chest.

Jon ravaged her mouth as he roughly squeezed her firm breast.  She willingly responded, kissing him with equal ferocity.  “Oh, GOD…” Jon gasped against her mouth.

“Shhh.  Don’t talk.  Just fuck me.”

She pushed against his chest, separating their heated bodies.  With an wicked smirk she grasped the open neck of Jon’s shirt and jerked, separating the snaps and baring his chest.  Jon growled eagerly and stripped the shirt off his torso, flinging it aside. 

Her fingers were already tugging at his belt, unfastening the silver buckle.  Jon helped her, undoing the belt and button, yanking open his fly, and shoving the denim over his hipbones.

“Wait,” she ordered huskily, grabbing for the waistband of his jeans.  “Let me.”

Jon didn’t argue as she sank to her knees in front of him, her wet lips suckling at his navel while her hands fisted in the denim at his hips.  She pulled his jeans down just enough to fully release his straining member. 

His chest heaving, Jon looked down at her as she regarded his erection.  He was painfully hard, yearning for release.  He wasn’t sure he’d last long if he watched those ruby-red lips work his shaft.  With a groan Jon closed his eyes and dropped his head back, his hands balling into fists at his sides.

The brunette chuckled at Jon’s obvious discomfort.  She wasn’t going to make him wait long; she was drenched and twitching with anticipation herself.  She wanted a good, hard, rock-star-quality fuck.  There would be time for teasing and exploration in Round Two.

But just the same, she couldn’t resist taking a moment to appreciate his cock.  It was beautiful:  thick, full, straight as an arrow.   She growled softly and leaned in to taste it. 

Nuzzling first at his balls she inhaled deeply, the musky scent of his sex exciting her further.  She extended her tongue, pressing it flat against the base of his shaft.  Humming with pleasure, she slowly licked up the rigid pillar of flesh, savoring his salty flavor.

“Oh…. Goddddd…..” Jon rasped, his glutes and abs tensing as he struggled to rein in his arousal.  He was dangerously close to eruption.  Jon reached forward to sink his hands into her thick, shiny hair, fisting it gently to still her movement when her tongue reached the apex of his erection.  “Not yet.  I want to fuck you first.”

She smirked and withdrew her tongue.  “Good.” She extended her hand in a silent request for assistance to her feet.

Jon growled and hauled her up from her knees, pulling her hard against his body.  Again he plundered her mouth, roughly pinching her nipple and chuckling wickedly against her lips when she squeaked in response.

She pushed away from him again, evading his grasp with a coy smirk.  Her eyes sparkled as she gave Jon a devilish grin and sashayed across the room on her platform stilettos.  Jon stood panting and quivering as he watched her movement. 

She stopped at the end of a gray suede-covered double chaise that was positioned in front of the window.  Jon sucked in a deep breath as she slowly turned, then raised one knee to rest on the edge.  She bent slightly at the waist, tipping her shapely ass back toward him.  Her shimmering hair cascading down her back, she looked back over her shoulder at Jon and gave him a naughty wink.  “Come fuck me, Rock Star.”

“Oh FUCK…”  Jon practically leaped across the room to her.  Shoving his jeans down to the tops of his thighs, he roughly grabbed her trim hips.  She gasped and rocked back hard as Jon plunged his cock inside her, burying it to the hilt.  Jon let out a feral snarl as for a long second he savored the feel of her tight, wet pussy sheathing his iron-hard shaft.

But as good as she felt, Jon couldn’t wait.  Holding the brunette’s hips tight he drove into her hard and fast, filling the room with his grunts, her gasps, the soft jingle of his belt buckle dangling against his thigh, and the wet slap of flesh on flesh.  Jon frowned when she leaned forward, reaching for the chaise’s back to steady herself against his rough thrusts. 

“Move,” Jon commanded hoarsely, sharply slapping one round cheek as he pulled out of her.  Raising her other knee onto the cushion, the brunette crawled forward until she could brace her hands on the back of the chaise.  With a naughty smirk she spread her legs and leaned forward, presenting herself to him again.

Jon crawled up behind her on his knees, groaning as he again buried himself inside her.  This angle was even better.  “Jesus, Baby…” Jon gasped as he circled an arm around her waist and leaned forward, his sweaty chest rubbing against her back.  His other hand reached forward to roughly fondle her breasts, moving from one bouncing mound to the other as he pounded her from behind.

Her arms flexed as she leaned a little further forward, tipping her hips so that Jon’s head rubbed against her back wall.  She let out a loud gasp at the sensation, then a long moan as Jon pulsed faster.  “Ohh… Ohh… OHHH…. OHHHH!!!!!!  YESSSSS!!!!” she cried as Jon fucked her furiously.

“Oh GOD!” Jon yelped as his hot seed surged forth inside her.  He froze for a moment at the shock of his release, then began to pound her again.  She let out a long shriek of ecstasy as her orgasm flooded her, squeezing his dick in a series of powerful vise-like contractions.  They panted and moaned together as Jon continued his forceful thrusts, prolonging their mutual ecstasy.

Finally Jon had to stop.  Hardly able to support himself on his quivering thighs, he collapsed forward onto her slick, warm back.  His chest heaved as he panted against her, and he heard her gasping for breath under him.  Jon could feel her trembling, her fatigued muscles straining to support their weight.

Realizing the discomfort he was causing her, Jon peeled himself off her back and sat back on his heels.  As soon as he moved she pushed away from the chaise’s back, twisting as she sank onto her hip with a soft groan.  Breathing heavily, she shimmied around until she was reclining against the chaise, her knees modestly closed and her ankles crossed, the sexy shoes stacked together.

Jon smiled gently as his eyes met hers.  She looked so beautiful, flushed and glowing, her body bathed in the soft light streaming in from the window.  His heart swelled with love and pride.  He could hardly believe this sexy, adventurous, incredible woman was his.

He gazed lovingly at her for another long moment, then hitched his jeans back up over his hips.  With a contented groan Jon crawled up beside her and settled back on the chaise, then opened his arms.

With a happy purr Cate snuggled into Jon’s embrace.  She drew in and blew out a long breath, then sighed contentedly.  “Well. That was fun.”  She smiled as his laughter rumbled in his chest.  “You may be done with acting, but you’ve still got some skills.”

Jon dropped a kiss against her temple.  “That was one helluva nice surprise.”  He paused for his own deep breath.  “What are you doing here, anyway?  You said you’d be in Bogota until next week.”

“I get a day off every now and then.”  Cate chuckled softly.  “It’s a short flight, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my night off than with my husband.  I’m just sorry I couldn’t make it in time for the show.”  She giggled.  “But then again, I think this was a better surprise.”

Jon grinned.  “Yeah.  Holy fuck, Cate.”  He blew out another long breath and rested a gentle hand on her stomach.  He fingered the diamond stud that adorned her piercing, then let his touch wander lower.  “And what’s going on down here?  Or should I say what’s not going on down here?”

Cate giggled.  “Hey, when in Brazil…”

Jon growled and nuzzled at her ear.  “God Baby, that’s so fucking HOT.  You about dropped me to my knees when I saw you standing there, stripped completely fucking bare.”

 Cate chuckled again and snuggled closer against Jon’s warm chest.  “Yeah, well, that was the idea.”

“And where did you get that outfit?”

“Colombia.  A girl at the Embassy took me to this amazing leather shop.  I thought maybe you’d like to see me in something besides jeans and a t-shirt.”  Cate smiled up at her husband, her heart melting as she saw the pure happiness in his sparkling blue eyes.

“Baby, I’m just happy to see you, period.” Jon hugged her again.  He reached up to finger a strand of soft brown hair.  “I like the new color, too.  You look good as a brunette.”

Cate chuckled.  “Thanks. I couldn’t quite let all the red go, though.  Had to keep the highlights.”

“It’s gorgeous.”  Jon moved a hand to gently stroke Cate’s cheek.  “You’re gorgeous.” 

Cate raised her face to Jon’s and they shared a long, sweet kiss.  “So are you, Baby,” she whispered when their lips parted.  “You feeling better about yourself now that you're back on the road, making thousands of women swoon every night?”

Jon smirked.  “Hell yeah.  I can still pick up the hottest chick in the bar.  And…”  His hand moved to Cate’s breast, a calloused fingertip circling her nipple.  He chuckled dirtily as her flesh pebbled under his touch.  “I can still make you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before.  Over.  And over….”

“And over,” Cate finished with a playful purr, reaching down to stroke him.  She giggled when she felt his immediate response against her palm.  “Well, what are you waiting for, Rock Star?  Let’s go.”

Jon grinned and rolled on top of her.


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